Community Partnerships

How can Waymark help you?

Waymark is a community-based, public benefit corporation that serves patients receiving Medicaid benefits. We’re eager to partner with neighborhood organizations, who we recognize serve as a critical part of the social safety net across the country.

We specialize in coordinating services with Medicaid patients, especially to help manage and overcome health challenges from:
making and keeping appointments,
getting medications, and
receiving mental and physical healthcare services.

Waymark offers services to patients with Medicaid healthcare coverage in specific locations, and who are on plans that partner with us. We do not sell software, nor do we require our community organization peers to use specific software platforms for referral coordination.

What can Waymark do to help you?

What types of organizations does Waymark work with?

We typically partner with organizations in areas like:

Communication and interpretation

Including language translation, and services for people with visual impairments and/or hearing impairments.

Assistive technologies

Including service animals, durable medical equipment, and remote vital sign and testing technologies.

Safety support systems

Including trauma-informed programming, addiction and recovery support services, and domestic violence services.


including non-emergency medical transportation and public transportation subsidies.


including integrated case management and behavioral health with housing benefits, utility assistance, transitioning housing, and shelters.

Food support

Including food pantries, food banks, medically-tailored meal services, and food voucher programs.

Childcare support

daycare, off-hours care, foster care coordination.

Post-incarceration support

housing/halfway-house coordination, discharge medication coordination, primary care provider visits after release, transportation after release, social support including behavioral health needs after release.
Who is eligible?

Our approach to engagement

Our engagement approach is founded on the principles of community co-design. We collaborate with patients, practitioners, and our peer community organizations to create effective patient programs.

  1. We hire locally: Our community healthcare work team is hired directly from local neighborhoods. We recognize the power and unique knowledge the local community has in understanding the barriers patients face to good healthcare. We also believe there’s no substitute for lived experience in an area, and knowing the history of it.
  2. We work with humility: We listen and learn from organizations historically established in the areas we serve, and keep close communication and feedback loops with them.
  3. We don’t “screen and refer”: We provide intensive, longitudinal services to our patients—and don’t hand off problems. Waymark aims to work collaboratively with other organizations to build their capacity by assisting and developing the social service workforce as we address social determinants of health.
  4. We thrive on feedback: Getting regular feedback from the community organizations we work with is part of our foundation, and makes sure we continue to improve.

How do I get in touch with Waymark?

If you have questions or are interested in partnering with us, call us at 323-592-9627 or