How can Waymark help me?

If you receive Medicaid benefits, Waymark is here to help with your care. By finding out what goals you want to focus on, we can match you with services that meet your needs and coordinate your care with your providers.

If needed, we can match you with:

Assistance in your neighborhood

Our community health workers are trained professionals who can help you understand your needs, help you get appointments, coordinate referrals, and access additional services you might need. They are available to meet you at your home, or in a community location of your choice (coffee shop, provider’s office, or elsewhere).

Support for both physical and mental health

Our licensed providers are here for qualified patients, to talk you through tough subjects, help with mental health, and help with substance use issues via telephone, app-free video, and text message. We also help use modern techniques for supporting you during off-hours when in-person therapy is often not available.

Medication assistance

Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can help with medication issues, such as paperwork and coverage problems, help receiving and taking medications, finding alternatives if you experience medication side-effects, assisting your primary care provider to adjust your medications to the right type or dosage, or get medical equipment if necessary.

We meet you where you are

Our services can be provided in-person, or done via phone, text message, and/or app-free video if you prefer.

And help you get to where you want to be

It doesn’t matter to us if you have a history of substance use, mental illness, or incarceration–we’re here to help.

How Waymark can help
Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

We are available for anyone with Medicaid healthcare coverage that is covered by the companies Waymark contracts with. If you have questions, please call us at 323-592-9627 or

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services can Waymark help me obtain?

We help patients with a variety of services, most commonly:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Phone and internet services
  • Domestic violence counseling and shelter
  • Medical equipment
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices, such as hearing aids
  • Addiction and recovery services
  • Mental health therapy
  • Childcare
  • Support after release from jail/prison
  • Support after release from the hospital, nursing facility, or rehab

2. How much do your services cost?

There is no cost to you for our services. We are paid by your health plan.

3. Are you approved by my provider?

If we contact you, it means that your primary care provider has signed an agreement with Waymark to allow us to coordinate with you and your provider. We will communicate regularly with your primary care provider to coordinate any services and treatments.

4. I don’t have an address or a phone number. Can you help me?

We regularly meet with patients who don’t currently have a consistent address or phone available. We’re able to meet at your provider’s office or at a community site (like a coffee shop, park, or other) to help you do things like complete applications for housing, phone, and internet services.