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At Waymark, we enable community based care, using technology, to catalyze improvements in access and outcomes for patients receiving Medicaid benefits.

We train and deploy community based teams to work with patients and primary care providers. We also partner with health plans to deliver a set of interventions that are highly effective, but frequently unavailable to patients receiving Medicaid.
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Tech-enabled community care

Almost one in four Americans are receiving Medicaid. Community-based care programs can improve health outcomes by providing the right care at the right time for patients receiving Medicaid.

By using new technologies, Waymark optimizes the impact of community-based care, making it easier to implement programs that help patients and improve healthcare access at scale across Medicaid.

Paired with primary care providers

Primary care providers are critical to supporting the health of patients receiving Medicaid. We make it easier by providing them with both a community-based team that can provide outreach, and a coordinator in their practice to communicate between clinic and community. 

Our teams help providers reduce their paperwork and no-show visit rates, as well as time spent coordinating social services, behavioral healthcare, and referrals. Because we’re funded by state and federal Medicaid dollars through contracts with health plans, our services cost nothing to patients or providers.

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From localized teams

Our team has decades of experience working with patients, providers, and community-based organizations. We provide:

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Training and deployment of local community health workers
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Counseling and care coordination with licensed clinical social workers
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Medication assistance from pharmacists