Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Waymark, Inc., on behalf of itself and its affiliated professional entities (including, but not necessarily limited to, Waymark Care, LLC and Waymark Care, NV, Basu, PLLC) (collectively, “Waymark”) understands there may be hesitation in reporting compliance and unethical behavior directly to Waymark. To ensure you feel comfortable, our company has contracted a professional, independent, third party Hotline to operate a confidential, anonymous reporting messaging center. Federal law protects your confidentiality and protects ‘whistle-blowers’ from repercussions from reporting potential problems. The purpose of this complaint-reporting program is to offer an effective way for interested parties to notify the Board of Directors of any potential wrong doings. The Board of Directors encourages all personnel to report complaints of any inappropriate actions, irresponsible and unethical behavior. 

To file an anonymous or attributed grievance through Waymark’s third party Hotline Services, please call the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free number, 1-800-576-5770 or submit through the Hotline Portal,