What We Do

Healthcare access is for everyone

When obstacles get in the way of your health, Waymark is here to help — every step of the way.


We provide free, community-based care for people enrolled in Medicaid programs

Local care teams

Community health workers, therapists, pharmacists, and care coordinators in your area help you navigate the system and stay healthy.

Free to access

Our services are covered by insurance companies, so there’s no cost burden to patients or providers.

Help tailored to you

We listen to what you need and connect you to assistance with food, housing, medications, mental health, and more.

Who is eligible?

If you receive Medicaid benefits from one of Waymark's health plan partners, you may be eligible to receive free services.

Where we are





Coming soon

We’re expanding coverage in 2024 to bring services to more communities across the country. To check your eligibility or learn more, please call us at 415-212-8993 or email us at questions@waymarkcare.com.

Get what you need to live better

You’re the best judge of what you need. Here are some examples of things we can help with:


Community resources

Find assistance with food, housing, transportation, or internet


Mental health support

Find a licensed therapist for mental health support


Medical appointments

Schedule appointments and get help with transportation assistance


Medical equipment

Ask questions about medications and get help with medical equipment or supplies


Substance use

Manage addiction challenges or substance use


Life transitions

Manage transitions after hospitalization, rehab, incarceration, and more

What patients are saying

“I feel that the care coordinator and my community health worker along with the rest of the team made sure I was taken care of.”

“Nonjudgmental and compassionate care delivered when creating a plan to make positive change in my healthcare.”

“The therapist responded quickly, and the link for the meeting worked well, and without a hitch. We talked about many things, and I feel very comfortable continuing with them.”

“My community health worker has been invaluable in helping me advocate for affirming and appropriate healthcare.”

We’re in it together

Care is a community effort. Our team works with primary care providers to help patients enrolled in Medicaid programs, with a range of services to meet everyone’s needs.


Community Health Workers

coordinate medical appointments and help patients find assistance with food, housing, transportation, and other community resources



answer questions about medications in between appointments, help manage prescription refills, and provide other pharmacy services

*Depending on location


Licensed Therapists

are available to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, or other challenges with mental health


Licensed Therapists

are available to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and other challenges with mental health


Care Coordinators

keep you connected to your primary care provider and your Waymark team to prevent gaps in care


For questions about eligibility or to learn more about how we can help, give us a call.

Providers and
health plans

If you have questions about Waymark or would like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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