April 1, 2022

Our core values

written by
Rajaie Batniji and Sanjay Basu
Our core values

We started Waymark because we believed better care delivery for people covered by Medicaid benefits was possible. It was a vision backed by thinking from first principles to build more boldly, learning from others that have delivered improved outcomes, an openness to experimentation to inform our approach, and an urgency for solving this challenge - because better health for those covered by Medicaid cannot wait.  

Our core values aren’t just something to be written on a wall. They are why we started this company.

While we are a small team working closely together, our core values are obvious and may almost go unspoken. They are core to who we are and how we work. As we grow, and as we face challenges, revisiting these values often brings us back to our founding principles.

We believe these values embody the essence of what makes Waymark a unique team today, and what we should sustain and nurture as a team. These values energize us. They motivate us. They inform our strategy, our partnerships, and how we make decisions.

Waymark Core Values

We are bold builders

We believe the greatest challenges in care delivery can be solved when we harness the power of community and technology. We are not constrained by what others believe is possible, because we create solutions and we deliver care based on first principles.

We are humble learners

We seek feedback and perspectives different from our own, and welcome challenges to our conclusions. We see, in the diversity of our teams and partners, a set of experiences, perspectives and talents that make each of us better, and all of us better. We seek the wisdom that comes from facing challenges with patience, empathy, and generosity.

We experiment to improve

We actively seek data to inform decisions and to assess our own performance. We experiment and obsessively collect data as we test hypotheses and try new approaches. We measure and document our successes and our failures. In doing so, we celebrate the learning that comes from failures, and strive to make every success reproducible.  

We act with focused urgency

Our commitment to our mission drives us to tirelessly pursue results. We run through walls to grow our impact, to serve and to do it better than we did before. And, we say ‘no’ to distractions that take us away from our focus on catalyzing improvements in outcomes for patients receiving Medicaid.